You’re debating a point that no one is trying to disagree with you on. Kudos to them for 5G. I am not convinced that the lack of diversity miraculously got them there. Hard work, money and focus on this particular upgrade did. Common sense clearly didn’t help you gather that.

As far as the black woman boss, my guess from your “overly represented” comment is you were pissed every single day you had to report to her too.

And I am not deflecting from the dictionary definition. I stand by what Merriam Webster does: A team with a little bit of everybody, white, black, Asian, Latino. And me having to explain what diversity means to anyone over the age of 12 is shameful. I guess it must be due to me “overly representing” what the dictionary says. Pity. We’re done here. Argue amongst your peers, the ones I am sure you want to stay dominant.

It’s been completely uneventful and predictable speaking with you though. It is the same boring and entitled argument that got Trump elected. People with privilege are uptight anytime someone else wants an opportunity they already have. Good luck with that tantrum you have clearly been throwing since you could pick up a dictionary. Consider opening it next time.

Let’s talk never.

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