Your research is impressive, but the truth of the matter is hotep men will look for any excuse to give a backwards compliment or flat-out insult to black women. I lost count of the number of times I was called a “bed wench” for dating a European guy for a whopping two months or liking “Scandal.” Blavity caught pure hell for writing a story about Tariq Nasheed, who has a zillion followers who cannot wait to insult black women. All they needed was any kind of push. With that said, I looooooooove that Alexander Hodge (who plays Andrew) is dating a black woman in real life. So this isn’t just him getting paid to play a role. That sista is all up and through his Instagram timeline. I respect that she took what could’ve been backlash to throw it right in the face of her critics. (If I could get her to stop allowing black women to call each other “bitches” every three seconds, I’d love everything about “Insecure.”)

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