Your reaction was about the reaction of an employee on another team, who asked me to go out to lunch a few days after I’d left. I had a business meeting downtown and met up with him before I went home. His expression was pretty neutral until I got to that part about the crying. [Enter the “you have gotta be freaking kidding me” expression and his chin in his palm.] I have cried for many reasons — more often when I’m mad rather than sad, which is extremely annoying — but I have never in my life sat there crying at my work desk because someone didn’t say goodbye to me. That is oddly fragile — and even worse, the exact same thing she’d done to me. I cried when my grandfather died (nonstop). I cried when the “intimidation” accusations kept coming up. But because someone didn’t say goodbye to me? Never occurred to me to boo-hoo over that one.

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