Your logic is so painfully flawed.

  1. The only thing touching a person while swimming is water. Unless it’s football, one can escape human contact, too. Even if it’s dodgeball, that’s just contact with the ball. Assemblies, singing and going outside still are not hand-on-waist physical contact. There is no way you have survived this long on Earth and don’t understand this.
  2. The point is not asking ANYONE whether they want to dance. The point is to have the opportunity to decide whether you want to participate in what should be a completely optional thing to do. I have never not ever been to a school function where dancing was mandatory. Hell, even with a superb prom date, I’m sure I danced more than he did. He was being cool on the sidelines and talking to his cousin. Not everyone wants to dance.
  3. Giving people the power to veto doing things that make them feel uncomfortable is EXACTLY the answer. You are disturbingly sounding like one of those men who think women mean “yes” when they say “fuck no” to you. Please do not raise boys. And if you do, I hope their mother is around to teach them the one universal world in every language: NO MEANS NO!

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