You will NEVER EVER have to lecture black men and women, Hispanic women and men, or Asian men and women about racism. We don’t all need to know it at the same level because three of those groups already deal with it on a personal level and sometimes daily, not complain about it from a computer screen. Lecturing minorities about racism makes as much sense as telling women all about sexism--we know. Gawd, I hate explaining privilege to those who are already privileged.

Talk to WHITE PEOPLE who do not understand how racism, privilege and classism affects other groups. You are preaching to a (skeptical) choir with the rest of us. And people like me still don’t believe you are this righteous and anti-hate when Sanders is not on the ticket from this conversation alone.

Every single time I talk to a Bernie Bro,I realize how absolutely spoiled and oblivious this group is. And I am saying that as someone who voted for him in 2016. This conversation is completely over. I do not regret starting it, but it definitely is coming to an end now.

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