You took a simple response that was meant to support the writer and turned it into feminism gone wrong. 1) Men look at their daughters like minors who are to be protected. That’s the first man you look up to. 2) His wife is his equal. He may believe his wife would be better able to hold her own in a situation like that, which is actually a big-up to that woman. 3) Until your daughter is 18, she legally does belong to you. You can be your own person but still report to your parents. 4) You do make a point about a man being of no good while in jail for assault. I get that. But I can distinctly recall my own father going around the corner after I had an altercation with a man. There’s a sense of security when your brother, father and other male ROLE MODELS have your back. 5) Clearly if he said he would be in jail, he absolutely intended to confront the man. You have misplaced anger. First you’re mad at the guy who assaulted the girl. Then you’re mad at the guy who wants to protect the girl. And your mindset is the kind that keeps bystanders from stepping forward, because some woman will go off on this weird ass tangent about not being anyone’s personal property even when he’s standing up for his own flesh and blood.

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