You say that like it was just a Rogers Park thing. I lived on the South Side for 18 years, and there could be no easier way to start a fight than for someone to move a chair, bench, desk and/or cone from someone's shoveled spot in front of their house or anyone else's.

But as far as parking, I have never been brave nor patient enough to rent an apartment or condo, or buy a place, where parking wasn't included. The minute realtors tried to sell me on the idea, my answer was a firm "no." It wasn't even up for questioning. With that said, if you live somewhere long enough, you quickly figure out when the best times to park are. As a dog caregiver, I knew EXACTLY when I was going to be stressed out driving to someone's home or apartment versus when I could leave at the last minute without driving around for 20-30 minutes.

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