You make good points. Pretty much all of my jeans are J-Lo jeans, so they don’t have those tiny pockets that say a Lee or Levi jean brand have. But let’s say it still sticks out of my pocket a little. Your guy friends who pull your phone out of your pocket could be the same ones who would snatch your purse off your arm. It’s not like somehow a purse is safe from snatching. (I’m actually inspired to write a post about that, considering my phobia of bushes. Long story.)

But with that said, I visualized the kind of clothes I wore in Arizona (my brother lives there) versus the kind of clothes I wear in Chicago (where you can go from Timbs and a winter coat in the same day you wear a T-shirt and yoga pants depending on the hour).

I definitely remember the heat. But I’m looking at this from a safety standpoint. If someone is carrying a weapon or something, you’re going to see the imprint of it through cargo pants. Even in loose jeans, I’m going to be able to see a weapon flopping around inside, if someone is stupid enough to carry it in a pocket. Their legs will automatically give them away as they walk. I worked at TSA before. People have hidden cocaine in a weave, never mind a purse.

I just don’t feel like my Simply Vera purses or any purse is more important than a safe stadium. I’d rather just pack less for the few hours I’m there. I’ve had to rearrange carry-on bags in airports to accommodate for TSA regulations regarding my purse and a carry-on bag, so this is just not something I’m going to make a fuss about. But with that said, to each her own.

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