You clearly asked that question for attention. Nobody calls men “BBQ Betty” or “UPS Patty.” If it’s a woman doing it, it’s usually referred to by a woman’s name. But since you appear to be on your white-women-only misogyny rant (judging from the replies), you’ve clearly missed out on the “Ken” nickname for the couple with the guns outside of their St. Louis home.

This is where feminism goes to die. You somehow found women acting a complete fucking ass around black people and accusing them of everything under the sun as somehow the victim. Don’t waste my time with these idiotic comments. It’s annoying. It is the reason I have the hardest time trying to defend feminism. There’s a group who want white women to have all the rights in the world, and then there’s my group who want all women to have equal rights and for the idiots who accuse black birdwatchers of attacking them in Central Park Five to get a plane ticket to the Bermuda Triangle.

P.S. Don’t ask me “do you also refer to” if I clearly just said I don’t call white women “Karen.”

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