Yikes! Been there. In my case, it was a guy who was in the army. I’m dating myself here, but I started off in his top 8 on Myspace (I was behind a family member and a long-time friend). He came home from overseas for the holidays, and we hung out. No idea what changed, but social media told me I got demoted. Excuses started the same time I got bumped to number six on his top 8 and another lady got moved up to my spot. I mentioned it, heard a weak excuse and removed myself from the situation. Those damn top 8 lists create a cold world. Ha, ha, ha.

But again, like the phone number example I gave, people will make time and get your attention for what they are interested in. Hard to admit when people are not into you but so much easier on your brain when you finally are willing to grudgingly face facts.

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