Why Starbucks branding remains undefeated

Even during social isolation, people still act like they don’t know how to make coffee

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One could argue that McDonald’s doesn’t have the same quality of other crowd favorites: Caramel Latte Granita, Frappuccino or Pumpkin Pie Latte. However, due to social isolation, local Starbucks cafes have been slow to re-open, carefully choose available drinks and still rely on drive-through for serving. And some of these are seasonal drinks, which means consumers are fully aware that their typical drive-thru visit won’t always include all of the above being available.

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The chain’s humanitarianism certainly helps. But in all fairness, Dunkin Donuts is doing its fair share of charitable work, too. Still though, DD is just not the hangout that Starbucks is — and obviously known more for its baked goods than the beverages. But, in my opinion, consumers are just looking for an escape, a place where they know they are “taking a break from all [their] worries, sure would help a lot.” And if that Starbucks cup adds a little bit of normalcy during this worldwide health outbreak, let them have their escape.

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