Who were the teachers? Please give the resource where you found this. I just found a flood of white instructors calling police officers on black students here but none even when I look for “black teacher calls police.” Calling the police on students is new to me altogether. We had principals called. At the absolute worst, we had principals called (or been sent to the principal). But even though I grew up during a time when gangs were flooding the neighborhood of my elementary school (or in it), I never heard about the police being called. If something destructive was happening outside for a non-student, yes. But I don’t remember it happening in the school. Even in high school, the only time I remember the police being called was after a student who got caught with a gun would not STFU with the security guards. They tried everything to get him to knock it off, and he just wouldn’t. I fully understood why they called.

I’m not opposed to calling police if the situation is legitimately serious. I’m not anti-police either. But stop calling them at the first sign of rebelliousness. I was thinking of kindergartner Salecia Johnson when I wrote that line. A 6-year-old cuffed for a tantrum is almost as idiotic as Trumps’ press conferences.

But who is the black teacher(s) you’re referring to in 2020? Or even 2019? Examples please.

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