While I’m wrapping this one up because it still follows the delusional belief that all dogs can become rays of sunshine with food — completely ignoring socialization, training and even food/dog allergies affiliated with certain breeds of dogs — I do want the larger public of Medium readers to understand that this extremely naive statement about why dogs run away just isn’t factual. If you want to actually read facts about common reasons why dogs run away, here are a few on Rover. Take note that none of it revolves around food. (The one about prey is more or less for the game of catch, not to eat. I’ve learned this one the hard way with surprise possums, skunks, birds and mice popping up that three dogs had no desire to eat.)

People who are actually around dogs enough know better. People who don’t know much about dogs say stuff like the comment above and make it painfully clear that they haven’t had the best luck with dogs.

For the record though, I’ve never met a cat who didn’t like me, too, specifically cats who I didn’t want to be bothered with. Wrote a whole post about it. Won’t link it here. Not the point of the original post. DarkSkyLady, always a pleasure talking to you. This other commenter has wasted enough of my time.

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