“Which no longer affects them”?

Yeah, let’s totally act like people who are of senior age now didn’t live through Jim Crow. You clearly failed at history, but that didn’t stop until 1965. Let’s also act like racial profiling, mass incarceration, the cocaine vs. crack epidemic that incarcerated only a certain type of people and the current presidency totally have no direct reflection over 400 years of slavery. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, second anonymous person who uses history books to open windows. Miss me with the delusion. Stick to talking to your family members at Thanksgiving about this fairytale world you think is U.S. history. I said what I said. I meant what I said. I’m not humoring anymore posts that ignore what “slavery” actually is versus using it as this totally cool comparison to make as if 1.2–2.4 million Africans didn’t die JUST from being transported from one land to another. That’s slavery. This post is just somebody whining about a job/company. And it’s perfectly OK to do that. I’ve done that. I complained about a company I worked at. But never would I ever be disrespectful enough to call it “slavery.”

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