What bothers me most about this post is not that it isn’t true. It is that I had this experience with a black woman. I was at the Black Women’s Expo at the Vitale stand, and this 40-something year old black woman ignored the hell out of me. She gushed over a slimmer black woman, rubbed her face and told her how pretty she was. But when I got tired of 20 minutes of being ignored (and my mother insisting we should just leave), I finally caught the lady’s eye. Her response was to go “What do you want, child? I don’t know how to help whatever is going on with your head.” I was dumbfounded. My hair was in one of those long in the back, short-and-feathered on top styles that were popular in the '90s. Either it looked ghetto to her or she just really preferred the head full of weave or long flowing hair that the girl she gushed over had.

I am not big on disrespect. I wrote a letter to Vitale about who they had representing their products. I really should have written whoever was in charge of that beauty stand. Either way it goes, it was double the slap in the face to be mistreated by a sista.

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