Well, your comment section is definitely a mixed bag. Anyway, in my personal opinion (and I say that because I only speak for this black woman who’s typing this, not the whole), I think you’re on the right track to even admit that there are some issues that need to be resolved internally.

I’ll give you an example I observed this week that pretty much described what you’re writing about. There was a post on how 45’s impeachment would be a time for a party in which we can go back to the way things were. I read that “satire” post and was so irritated by the end. I pointed out that his supporters do not magically disappear even if he is impeached and removed. I also reminded the writer of the stats on who voted for Trump.

You know who didn’t? Minorities. Hilary Clinton got:

  • 89% of the African-American vote (82% black men, 94% black women)
  • 66% of the Latino vote (63% Latino men, 69% Latina women)
  • 65% of the Asian vote

I pointed out that we knew what would come from him winning in 2016. Her response was to insist that “nobody expected” Trump to win. I sent a video of Samuel L. Jackson on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” clearly predicting that Trump could win. She pointed out that it’s too bad that there was a 7% drop in blacks voting — conveniently dismissing the 57% of white people (62% white men; 52% white women) who voted for him. She claimed we “all” needed to do better. No, dear, we all didn’t vote for this fool. She just refused to wrap her mind around the fact that life wasn’t peaches and cream before Trump got here. That’s the kind of denial that pisses me right off. Trayvon Martin. Jordan Davis. Even “When They See Us” were all pre-Trump.

It bugs me out when people insist that Trump is the problem and his voters (and other positions of power) are just no big deal. He leaves and we all become a Utopia again. Yeah, no! She ended up blocking me on here because I refused to bend on this belief— and that was even after I left a complimentary post on another article she wrote. Her own entitlement that she FINALLY is just now feeling like minorities have felt all this time bothered her so much that she’d rather block me than face facts.

Those are the people that I think white people need to talk to. I can talk all day, and there’s an immediate view that I’m being “biased.” However, you can’t quite claim bias if someone in the same exact group calls you out for the same thing. Keep talking. Keep being vocal. I can only speak for me, but I respect that you’re willing to open the floodgates and point out that life just was not this Utopia that entirely too many non-POC believe it to be.

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