Well, Paul, I’m gathering math wasn’t your strongest subject in school. You read this post and gathered from it that it must be hard to find friends — out of the 65,844,954 who voted for Hillary Clinton. Hell, young white men voted in larger numbers for former President Barack H. Obama than white women — and that’s not even diving into black people, Asian people and Hispanic people.

That’s also not acknowledging my respect for the late Senator John McCain (and his “thumbs down” on the ACA debate, plus his rivalry with Trump), regardless of thinking his daughter and Sarah Palin are annoying AF. From this response, it’s pretty clear who is in your social circle.

I’m not sure what your goal was. Did you want me to be sad that we’ll never be friends? Not going to happen. Were you trying to make me reconsider my disgust with Trump? Never going to happen. Were you trying to make me reevaluate not wanting to hang out with Trump supporters? Definitely not gonna happen.

P.S. That “black friend” that you think you have — who we discussed before — probably doesn’t consider you his friend, especially if you need to dissect the definition of friend and write a short essay to justify why you don’t have a diverse social circle. Once again, you just sound insecure about your own -isms, and that’s not my problem. Work it out on your own.

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