Well, I’m about to say something that’s ass backwards from my post. I think you oughta give her another shot. It’s one thing to say you don’t like someone and have a concrete reason for doing so. It’s another to say you don’t like her and don’t know why. I like a lot of her interviews that I’ve seen, which is why I was so thrown off that she was the person who made this comment. Women have a habit of being harder on women, me included. So I consciously ask myself, “If a man did this same thing, would I be mad about it?” If you can honestly say you would, by all means, do you. This particular comment made me look at her differently, but I can’t go so far as to say I don’t like her. I am, however, recognizing a bit of “whoa is me” in her character that I never expected.

Anyway, quite frankly, you can not like whoever you damn well please. I was just curious if you know something I didn’t about another interview that would make me shake my head.

As far as Denzel, I wasn’t asking why you liked him. Anybody with working eyes, ears and a mouth should be able to find something to like about him. He’s outstanding at what he does. I always thought Keanu was a bit peculiar and awkward in interviews, but he won 10,000 points with me as the comedic character in “Always Be My Maybe.” I never knew he was this funny.

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