Well, I am about to pull an “I know an Australian" plug right now then because your comment immediately makes me think of a client I have had for the past two-going-on-three years who lives in Australia. I believe he has stayed in New Zealand since COVID-19 hit. We have rarely discussed race (but occasionally politics). But there have been several posts I wrote for him recently (I write for about 6-7 of his consumer sites) about black people, dating and relationships. I also wrote about Asians and interracial relationships, Hispanics and dating, etc.

I just was not sure if I was going to get pushback on some of my stats or opinions, but I was pleasantly surprised he was cool with all of it. About the only bump in the road was a graphic designer who kept putting non-black people in posts about black dating/relationships. I pointed it out, and he immediately reached out to have the pic changed.

Meanwhile, I have had all kinds of problems arguing about lack of diversity in marketing pics in the U.S. It’s appalling. Worst one was a graphic designer purposely cropping the one black woman in a group pic out, including her hand. But when the company parties come up, she had loads of complaints about black women. I was not surprised, and she complained to my boss that I was distant. You don’t say!

P.S. I am not surprised these magical black friends were not on Facebook.

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