I definitely thought this was a spam account. I cannot be the first person to notice the Lil Wayne reference in your username, right? Only he says “Weezy F. Baby”

OK, now that I got that out of the way, I do not dismiss any comment sent my way. I read them all and almost always respond. (When they’re ignorant as hell, I usually block unless I’m in an arguing mood.) As far as white people who will get a clue, I’ve hung out with a little bit of everybody growing up. I think I’ve bored people to tears with my posts regarding having 50 penpals as a kid in everywhere but Australia. (As an adult, my current and most loyal client lives in Australia, so I finally got to the seventh continent.)

Anyway, and to your point, I think there will always be a population of people who will have the “privilege” of never getting where I’m coming from and misinterpreting everything I do as “angry” or “intimidating” or “aggressive.” But after I left that job — and have yet to regret it for one millisecond — I just stopped giving a f**k. It was so exhausting trying to make this lady feel comfortable while she was stressing me out. Not trying to do so made my life so much easier. The paycheck simply was not worth coddling her paranoia.

I spent three hours today with my homegirl — a Russian/Polish woman who is on the condo board association with me. We are very similar and drastically different at the same time, but I like hanging with a diverse group of people. What I do like about her is if she says something politically or socially that I just don’t agree with, she’ll hear me out. She may not agree with me, but she will hear me and respect my opinion — even if she still disagrees. It’s the know-it-alls who want to tell me how black women should act that piss me right off. When I meet the first group, we’re good. It’s the second group that is just drowning the Corporate America scene who rattle me in a different kind of way. I have just learned that me and the latter group will never get along. First group though? I could hang out with that crew (specifically the lady mentioned) all day long.

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