Wait a minute! This is a requirement? I thought you just lived there and rented it out. You’re responsible for the outside, too? Whoa. My mind was blown when I walked into an apartment to walk someone’s dog, and an Airbnb guest was sitting there typing away on his laptop. I thought he was the owner, but he mentioned he was a guest. (I’ve walked this dog for months and never met the owner.) Turns out the guy got to the residence, and the dog I was walking was just there. The owner never told him there was a dog, and this cute little guy just jumped on him at the door. To me, that’d be a bonus. But I pondered on how dangerous that could be for someone with dog allergies, someone who doesn’t like dogs or even if the dog does not like the person. I walked that dog a couple of times per day for the entire week, so at least I got to keep tabs on the dog. But that was wild that the Airbnb guest wasn’t warned.

Anyway, going back to my question, is that a requirement for Airbnb homes? Or, just for longer stays?

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