Vague allegations are the worst. I understand that they're done so there is no potential backlash (i.e. anonymous complaint) and to avoid you potentially retaliating against a student or parent. The problem with them is you then have absolutely no way to defend yourself. This means you can too easily fall into the same trap I did of mentally accusing everyone. And even worse, getting it all wrong, because the one person who never entered my mind was the one who made the accusation.

While I did absolutely walk and knew I had the funds as a freelancer to do so, there were some rough periods in those two years that made me miss Corporate America money. I lost some clients. Some wanted to pay less. Some had to cancel contracts due to coronavirus. But even on my roughest day and looking at a late mortgage fee (because there were a couple), never have I ever regretted quitting that company. I still have just as little desire to go back to Corporate America. Personally I feel like you can do some at-home tutoring or training. I see those positions all the time on Craigslist. And with everyone virtually learning, your skills are more on-demand. I briefly thought about teaching English to foreign students due to eight years in Spanish and working on English reading/writing with stroke survivors. There are other outlets for you to use teaching.

But I still asked you whether you really are yelling or being condescending. Because if you are, then that's going to be problematic no matter where you go. I still have ALL of the same flaws I already mentioned in the post. They're not going anywhere. I know it and choose clients who I know won't bring that side of my personality out. If you are sure you're not yelling or being condescending (truth: I can be both, I get the yell-first-be-calm-later habit from my mother), then find a job that deserves you. That's just my opinion.

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