To be honest, I just didn’t care before I became an Election Judge. (I believe this will be my fourth time around.) But it just seemed like more of an obligation to pay attention to everybody as opposed to going straight down the line: “My ______ vote is in! Ah ha. (flip over) Bleh, judges. His name sounds cool. She sounds interesting. Yadda yadda yadda. Fill in circles. OK, done.” I was voting for the people I felt strongly about and smooth ignoring the rest of these people, all while lecturing people about midterm elections. These judges matter as much as any other election; it just doesn’t become a big deal to most until someone has to deal with that judge in court/in connection to court.

But my jaw dropped reading some of the background info and why some of the judges got a thumbs down. In all fairness, some of these “thumbs down” and negative responses were a bit of an overreaction (in my opinion). Others? Oh my gawd, it definitely needs to be known. Even some endorsements were questionable. I slept through a few criminal and civil cases clearly with at least a handful. I tried to find an equivalent of the Injustice Watch site for other states but couldn’t immediately do it. I do hope you are able to find something close for your hometown, too.

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