Tips and tricks to keep track of your smartphone

Why your smartphone screensaver needs to be a photo of you

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As a kid, I was world’s worst friend to sneak around with. I’m the person you’ll remember after the slumber party is over. Why? I clearly took that children’s story about “Hansel and Gretel” to heart. Everywhere I go, I leave “bread crumbs” behind.

If I hug you, there’s about a 90 percent chance there will be a trace of one of my favorite perfumes or my favorite glitter lotion on you. Without checking my Google Tasks checklists, I will absolutely forget something at your home during an overnight visit.

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And for at least two decades straight, I just could not remember to close kitchen cabinets. My parents always knew when I came to visit while they were gone because the kitchen cabinets would be open if I decided to grab a drink of water — even if I washed the dish I used. But this bad habit has treated me well for one reason alone — if I lose something, Good Samaritans always know how to find me.

These are real-life stories in which people helped me retrieve my smartphone and ID. They may be helpful to you, too.

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