This would annoy the s — t out of me. And if it wasn’t for Kit Kats and Salt n’ Vinegar chips, I’m pretty much vegan. But if anybody started texting me videos about veganism or sending me videos, I’d immediately unfollow them and block their phone numbers. That’s about as frustrating as people who try to beat me over the head with going to church. I swear less is more. I have repeatedly gotten people to open their minds to vegetarianism and veganism by simply living my own life. My parents, who love a good steak and/or porkchop, etc., went to the 2019 Veggie Fest without me — because I had a dog to care for and couldn’t be at both places at once. I couldn’t believe they went to a totally vegan event, but they did simply because I’ve been doing my thing for 15 years. Plus my mother enjoyed the last one she went to with me.

I’m with you on cooking for guests, but putting in documentaries is just too much for me. Even when I share stuff on social media, I make it even across the board or make it something that I think my followers would enjoy. But be careful that you don’t get moved into the “crazy vegan lecturer” box. If you do, they will tune you out — and that is what Senator Corey Booker already figured out.

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