This was such a good read. I'd already read a couple of posts on introverts versus extroverts, but I wasn't quite finding anything to describe what Kendrick Lamar called an "antisocial extrovert." I just don't NEED that many people to be around me and can do my own thing without physically being around another person. I do miss my parents, but I talk to them often, as in my mother and I chat 3x a week and work out via our streaming services on speakerphone. There's no disconnect.

But I ran into a bit of a blindsided bout of loneliness (and I can count "lonely" moments on my hand without using all the digits) from a guy I'd recently met reaching out to hug me. I don't know WHY that was such a big deal to me, but it set off everything in my brain that yelled out: "I MISS HUGS! I MISS HUGS!" I'm so used to hugging folks and shaking hands at Toastmasters meetings, even when I'm not around other loved ones, but it hadn't phased me one way or the other. For whatever reason, when he did it, a wave of "Damn, I'm not the loner I thought I was" went rushing through me. I'm going back to being my usual self, but as stated in my post on it, I kinda sorta wish I was un-hugged so I'd be back to me as usual.

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