This was a good read, but I still don't particularly find it useful for me catching on. Here's why. Throughout high school, college and adulthood, I have befriended a massive amount of men who are serial flirters. My godfather is probably the biggest of the bunch. The man crashed someone's wedding on his way to the casino and got several bridesmaids numbers to then call no one and go home to his wife. I asked him why in the WORLD he did that, and he said, "I just wanted to know if I still had it."

Men I've befriended over the years just flirt for the helluvit. For that reason, someone ALWAYS has to tell me when I'm liked--for real. My mother has called me out on three separate occasions. I denied all three men she pointed out, only for one to have this long speech about us going out on a date and why I wouldn't consider it. Another one passed away but not before dancing around the issue and then his grandfather confirming it once he was gone. Then a third (coincidentally) was the second guy telling me about a mutual friend who liked me. My mother seems to ALWAYS know.

Recently a friend/colleague of mine told me someone liked me and asked me, "Why don't you realize you've been shot by Cupid?" She said she could see it "in his eyes." All I saw was a man being friendly. I can 100% tell you all these women in your story liked YOU. I could've pegged that immediately. But men? I just think men are far different when it comes to really liking you versus just trying to bang and/or flirting to make time pass.

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