This was a good read. If you’ve watched the show “Cherish the Day,” I respect that the couple “shopped around” for the right marriage counselor. It made absolute sense to do so. They went to a middle-aged white guy first (salute to Billy from “Ally McBeal”), then a middle-aged black woman (Tasha Mack from “The Game”; who was equally loud and annoying) and settled for a cool-as-a-cucumber black male one (I don’t know who this actor is). Regardless of the actors, it still pointed out why people need to figure out who is best for them the same way they would do with any other doctor.

On a professional note, I spent a couple of years interviewing psychologists for a marketing company and then CBS Chicago. It was always interesting to me to hear from minority psychologists talk about what you’re talking about. They almost always found that their clients were relieved to see people of color on staff, except for one Muslim woman who said clients often dodge other Muslim doctors because of spiritual reasons. They feel like they’ll be judged on the basis of shared religious beliefs and the “evil eye” as opposed to honest, open conversation. So that’s where the shared culture/race may take a turn for the worst.

Anyway, good read.

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