This was a good read. Although I won’t even attempt to lie and say I’m not judging Trump-voter decisions, something about the Archie Bunker/Homer Simpson part of this post connected in a different way for me. It made SOME of the votes make sense. As a black woman specifically, I fully understand why you get absolutely fed up with being boxed into a type and just say “Fuggit, I’m voting for mine.” The problem I still have is the voter who picked him because he looks like them. If Senator Kamala Harris and First Lady Michelle Obama ran for president at the same time, I’d vote for Harris.

The First Lady looks more like me, but after I read her book and she talked about how she didn’t want former President Barack H. Obama to go to Springfield for that prison vote, that was a complete disappointment for me. I need more from a president than to look like me. I read Senator Harris book (after reading countless critiques of her as a prosecutor) to understand her more. I came away with more loyalty to her than before. I need people to look out for me not just look like me.

Trump may be someone they can physically relate to, but he damn sure is not looking out for the Archie Bunkers and Homer Simpsons of the world. Maybe the Mr. Spaceleys. But he has done absolutely nothing to get the manufacturing world back on track.

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