This was a good read. When I saw “Crazy Rich Asians,” I had no idea who she was but she just seemed like she was desperately trying to be Tiffany Haddish or 50 other BLACK women I knew growing up. That “she’s an actress” excuse doesn’t work if she consistently keeps trying to be one type of persona. Meanwhile black actresses are trying to fight to get out of these stereotypical roles. I just find her about as annoying as Eddie Huang. However, I love “Fresh Off the Boat” because the Eddie character still seems to have one foot in hip-hop while the other is in his own culture. There is a huge difference between admiring and supporting a culture than stealing it for profit.

Idris Elba can do as many Black American movies as he wants, but we know him as much for “Luther” as we do “The Wire.” There is a way to do both without it feeling like you are biting. CRA felt like minstrel moments every single time she was on the screen, especially considering where her character was from in the movie. It’s not like she picked ole girl up from St. Louis and took a flight east!

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