This! This whole thing! I’d been pondering on writing a post regarding the backlash Gayle King received, but there is nothing I can think of to say that you haven’t already said. Snoop was just fine complaining up until 00:33 right before, “I want to call you one.” Then he went off the rails. I’d been avoiding the video for quite some time because I only heard about the bad parts and just did not want to hear it. At least Snoop is still going to have his equally-hating-ass-followers who still defend images of black women on leashes. But Ari Lennox is still lukewarm and only has “Shea Butter” to back her. That was not only a bad business decision, but we barely know you. She gave a half-assed apology later that doesn’t sound like much of anything.

But the whole time I observed the backlash from Gayle King, I kept wondering, “Do people know how journalism works?” Should she have pressed the question? Absolutely not! Should she have asked the question? Sure. But King ditched journalism completely with Lisa Leslie once she flat-out told her she wouldn’t see that side of Kobe Bryant as if King had surveillance cameras to see the entire experience herself. That’s where King lost me. She took off her own journalism hat and sounded more like a gossip blogger at that moment.

However, CBS is here to make money so I understood why they aired that small snippet as opposed to longer parts of Lisa Leslie just chatting about basketball. “Happy” segments don’t often make people want to tune in. Drama does. Every single TV promo ever — especially since the 2000s when reality TV made its mark — shows the juiciest parts.

Anyway, good read. While I’m still not on Gayle King’s side, I can’t stomach Snoop’s hostile response either.

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