This! This is the part that made me give up ghostwriting completely this past spring. I was fine doing it for subjects I did not care about (on Textbroker and Upwork). But I noticed the person who was not a writer always turned into world’s pickiest editor … for something (s)he did not have the ability to write.

And I had a potential client tell me “readers don’t need to know how the sausage is made” when I asked about a byline. I turned down that high-paying writing job. No matter how much it paid me, I asked her would SHE have hired me if she did not have proof of my past writing clips. She danced around the question. I asked again. She did grudgingly admit that she hired me because of my background. And my response was that that is “exactly why it’s important to know how the sausage is made.” While it may be great for the company, a longtime ghost writer cannot really do anything out in the public as a professional. You just have to wait for another equally secretive client to come along to also want you to write something with his/her name on it too.

I would rather see no name at all on my work than to see someone else’s.

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