This simply is not true. On October 11, 2019 at 7:47 p.m., I got this response from Medium after I griped about a post with more claps, more pageviews, more fans and only a 2% difference in readthroughs versus one that was at least four times less. I made far more for a post that got less than 10 clicks and 2 claps than one with hundreds, and I was annoyed about it.

Their response: “This can also be attributed to the amount of engagement the Members who clapped for your story have done across all of Medium during the pay period. So their claps are ‘worth’ more right now.”

An active user who claps for everything will have that $5 spread out more than a less active user clapping occassionally. It is weird but I am actually more relieved when new users come aboard. Medium needs a better way of paying their writers.

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