This post reminds me of the time I interviewed a black woman-owned marketing company. I wrote the piece and was looking for pictures. The editor (a biracial man himself) complained when I would not stop looking for photos with black women in them. He said, “What difference does it make? POC means more than black people.” My response was, “But the post is about her. As a black woman who started a black marketing firm to get more black people in black marketing content, why in the world would I put up a photo without black women in it?” He rolled his eyes and told me I focused on color too much, completely missing the entire point of her organization even after reading my piece. He went on his own search and tried to convince me to use photographs of Hispanic people. I told him flat-out, “It’s not happening. There will be black women in this photograph.” He went off on a search to find a photo with more than black women — although I never asked him to — and a few minutes later he went, “I cannot find one photograph with black women in it.” I just stared at him, again reminding him of why she started the marketing firm in the first place. To this day, I’m still baffled by him completely missing the point and insisting I just use a photo of random Hispanic people. I had to verbally refuse to use his photography suggestions before he finally got it, and by that time, I was annoyed.

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