This post caught my attention because I went to Family Dollar today to get umbrellas. (I have a horrible habit of losing them in less than a month. I drop them on the floor to dry, and off they go.) And the lady in front of me was being weird and refused to move up until all customers were gone in front of her. She ended up arguing with the cashier over a nickel and telling her she couldn’t count. I heard a snarky comment as she walked out the door and started talking loudly over that customer. I knew if the cashier heard her, then it would escalate into a bigger issue. I gushed over the cashier’s customer service and cracked jokes about my umbrella dilemma just to get her back in the proper head space. As someone who was a cashier for Walgreens and Walmart over a decade ago, I still remember how much someone else’s vibe can ruin the rest of my day. The one thing I learned early on is no matter how much of an arse the last customer was, don’t bring that energy to the next customer. Because if you get snippy with them, they have every right to report you to management, etc. (Side note: That phone number thing is annoying. I always turn it down too because I end up reporting too many strange numbers to and hearing about coupon offers I already get via snail mail and email.)

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