This makes about as much sense as saying “Since my car has never been in an accident, I won’t bother getting auto insurance. It’s not meant for my car.” Then somebody with no insurance hits your car, and now you’re screaming about how your car is a wreck. Not doing anything at all is not your answer. Vote for the lesser of two evils. Hell, even write in a vote. But this excuse of not voting at all is not only disrespectful to folks who literally got killed for black folks to have the right to vote but also to vote for what’s better for your own life. Because whoever gets in the White House is going to affect you regardless of whether folks sit on their ass at home.

People who don’t vote at all have the most to say about not voting. A young, black man showed up to the polling station with his father — who was voting — to talk about how he “doesn’t know enough” about the candidates. Meanwhile he’s reciting every word of some completely ridiculous song. If you have time to memorize music, you have time to check some boxes. He griped about the expression on my face for the entirety of his pouting session at the voting booth. If only people who didn’t vote didn’t moan and complain about why they’re NOT voting, but this crew is the loudest of the bunch. I simply do not understand why someone insists on telling others what they’re not going to do.

Respect to the black folks I see all the time (as an Election Judge) who take time out of their days to vote in all elections, not just the presidential election and then expect magic from appellate judges, city clerks, mayors, governors, etc.

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