This is where I get weird about it. If you’ve ever watched a slaughterhouse video, it is hard to not speak up when someone is eating meat. I mean hard. I had a conversation with my brother who frowned up about pigs and pork, and talked about how disgusting it is to make hot dogs. Now normally I keep my opinions to myself, but I paused and went, “Do you realize how the rest of meat is made?” I backed off after that, but I just needed to throw that out there. I’ll hear folks (black folks specifically) who will go on and on about not eating “filthy pigs” and “disgusting pork” but act like cows, deer and chicken are having slumber parties at the Ritz Carlton. Same difference.

Unless someone gets me on the topic by bringing up another animal, I shut up though. Your stomach. Your body. Your business. But don’t open the door and expect me to not walk in.

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