This is one of those posts (yet again) that I feel like I wrote myself because I've been there. One co-worker immediately popped in my head that wouldn't even connect with me on Linkedin (of all places). It was bizarre because she invited me out for drinks and lunch, constantly wanted to have one-on-one meetings about magazine copy, and even wanted to walk with me biweekly to a public speaking group club I joined because of HER.

But somehow social media was where she drew the line, and I was left scratching my head. When I quit, she was the second person to be adamant that we go out for a goodbye drink/lunch. By that time, I was petty enough to block her on all accounts because I didn't want to do this song-and-dance. She told me, "You son of a bitch, you BLOCKED ME!" I sat on the train looking guilty and tipsy. (That's the only reason she got away with calling me a "son of a bitch.") So I get it. People can take that too personally.

I've also learned the hard way to never befriend a boss. When evaluations come around, they're intermingling too many things you told them casually with your professional behavior. I would rather it be solely professional. There is only one boss in 21 of 23 years of working in Corporate America (now a freelancer) who proved me wrong. And I blocked-unblocked her when she followed me on Twitter. We'd gotten along so amazing over the years that I just didn't want to tweet anything to piss her off. I miss that lady. I'm gonna email her right now and see how she's doing.

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