This is one of the things I like the most about being a condo association president. I can get through the weeds. Be an asshole to me, and unapologetically because I'm a woman and black, and you won't get the job. I've aired folks out for their behavior on Yelp. They were cool with being dismissive and disrespectful (one guy snarled at our deck and said, "I don't have time to count brackets. You'll have to count them yourself if you want me to do the job" while three OTHER workers, all white but from different countries, did it within a few minutes) until I put it in print.

Somehow that Yelp review or Google review documenting exactly what was done got me phone calls and emails and "let's fix this" responses. By then, I'd hired someone else, but I wanted the company to be fully aware that "I see you." Maybe they'll be more cognizant of the behavior next time. Maybe they won't. But the blatant disrespect is something I cannot ignore. And you won't know it will happen until someone they don't usually have to answer to shows up.

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