This is once again one of those moments where I learn from you. I re-read this 4x. I cannot recall ever just bringing a white friend home to show off how sociable I am. Keep in mind I had several white roommates in college — one of which felt like it was totally OK to knock on random people’s doors and go “Does Montie live here?” because she couldn’t remember my address — but it was never a point of pride. Those were just my homegirls just like a Mexican friend I worked with, a bunch of sistas and a Japanese friend who came to my hometown a couple times in college. She was very tight-knit with the other Japanese students who also came from overseas. But her boyfriend was black, and most of her friends were minorities. Do you believe this is more of an Asian American thing to do or Asians as a whole? Because from what I observed, Asian folks (specifically Japanese folks that I hung out with) were pretty clique-ish.

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