This is just not true. I’ve heard him talk about being a vegan multiple times, including on the debate stage.

“One of the reasons that I have a bill to put a moratorium on this kind of corporate consolidation is because this factory farming is destroying and hurting our environment, and you see independent family farmers being pushed out of business because of the kind of incentives we are giving that don’t line up with our values. That’s what I’m calling for.” (Source: Vox)

But on MSNBC, he put it more plainly, “I don’t believe government should be telling people what to eat.”

As a 15-year vegetarian who is always toggling into veganism, I agree. Republicans harped nonstop on simply having healthy meals, courtesy of former First Lady Michelle Obama, and griped about school cafeterias — a place where NO ONE likes the food. Critics would spend entirely too much print time harping on him being a vegan and less on issues like health insurance, war, criminal justice, etc. if they could rope him into vegan questions each time. I have talked more people into eating vegetarian meals and going to vegan restaurants with me by simply walking the talk.

My grandfather said he’d drink soy milk when he saw a “soy cow.” Less than a year after I became a vegetarian, he switched from skim milk to plant-based milk. I didn’t ask the man to do it. He did it on his own out of simple curiosity. He and my mother, super meat eaters, have gone to more vegetarian restaurants with me than vegetarians and vegans I know. I would have never been a vegetarian if people kept beating me over the head with horrible videos and lectures. My first simple curiosity came from my parents’ landlord’s grandson who always at meatless spaghetti. I was about five years old at the time and thought that was far out. That stuck with me to adulthood — and he never said a word about why he ate meatless spaghetti. It was just something that kid did every single time.

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