This is interesting. I have never been backed into a corner when it comes to signing up to watch kids at company parties nor would I do it. I have zero percent desire to be a mother and even less to babysit someone else’s children. I have dodged many kid-friendly work parties and just politely walk by when people bring in their babies. I don’t know why, but I do not have maternal instincts with human babies. Oddly if I go more than a day without walking someone’s dog, I’ll go stir crazy. Somehow I ended up bottling all that love up for four-legged animals that bark.

I think I give people that vibe so they’re not surprised when I don’t volunteer for stuff like this. But with that said, I definitely got pulled into my fair share of reply all emails with women only being nagged into work bridal showers, work baby showers and decorating people’s desks for birthdays. I made the mistake of decorating a few friends’ desks and somehow people thought I was the party decorator. Nope, just the people I like, thank you and good day!

P.S. This piece showed up in the middle of me working on a volunteer role (not for a job) where I have been the liaison for training, mentoring and signing people up. I’d never really considered that women tend to volunteer for projects more. But when I think back to all the volunteer opportunities I’ve worked on or been apart of — from childhood Girl Scout days until Corporate America — all these overworked women keep popping into my head. I’m struggling to picture even five guys. Wow!

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