This is how I feel EVERY single time someone blames “the media” for not covering something, and then writes an entire blog sourcing a news publication. You couldn’t write your damn blog without the original journalist putting feet to pavement.

On a separate note, anytime I read a post that tells me “most _______ people” or “___________ people believe,” I ask, “How exhausting was it when you met the entire population? How much time did it take you to meet 42 million black folks? Or 308 million white people? I’m guessing 21 million Asians were easier to narrow down than the first two groups, but what about those 52 million Hispanics you’re writing about?

Then I get responses like, “You know what I meant” or “I don’t have time to quantify” and blah blah blah. Simply saying “_________ people in my social circle” or “___________ people surveyed” could resolve the whole thing.

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