This is getting completely off the mark of the original point he’s trying to make. I have been given a hard time my entire life for being a neat freak. Hell, every Sunday without fail, I have a Sweep Sunday and clean my place from top to bottom. With that said, I also don’t have a problem with a dog sleeping next to me. Basic grooming and wiping their paws when they come in from walks are the bare minimum.

Not to downplay the discussion, but this turned into a big issue on “Ready to Love” between a black couple — black guy lets his Labs sleep with him, black woman was totally opposed. And some sistas weighed in, me included, regarding Tommy’s comments that black women do not want pets in the bed with them. There’s this overall generalization about how people should treat pets, and it just comes down to that person and that dog. As a dog walker, my view is just different on this. Sixty-six dogs and 370-plus walks (and counting) later, I genuinely enjoy being around dogs. It doesn’t make me any less of a sista to do so, and considering the teasing has never stopped about my place being “magazine clean,” it’s possible to do both. I have clients whose homes are also remarkably clean for owning dogs.

I think this whole dogs-in-bed is diluting his point. The plantation point though, I 100% get. Plantation weddings make my blood boil and completely overlook all the horrendous history of murder, rape and torture that were present on these locations. I do think he could’ve made his point without getting dogs into it. But as a dog lover, I can see why that would get their attention. Well, at least the attention of white dog lovers.

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