This is exactly where I’m at with Lizzo. I just think she’s extra for no apparent reason. She’s extra in the way Cardi B. got on “Rhythm + Flow” and told contestants they were a “vagina hair” away from being eliminated and a performance was “tight as my butthole.” It’s the kind of person I just don’t ever want to hang out with because she’ll get on my nerves within the first few minutes. But there are people who love that about Cardi B. the same way that they love that Lizzo leaned over in front of Trevor Noah during “The Daily Show” interview to twerk — for absolutely no reason. She’s trying to sell us on it, but she really doesn’t have to.

There are moments when it absolutely should be sold. When she brought that big, brown ass balloon up onstage to perform in the wedding lingerie, I get it. Twerk like Luke and Fresh Kid Ice are standing in the front row. Do all the rotations you want. But gah-damn, can there be a balance? Can you be Claire Huxtable sometimes, too?

Luenell and Tiffany Haddish make me cringe sometimes, too. Meanwhile (in reference to plus-sized women) Sherri Shepherd (when she’s not slim Sherri), Queen Latifah, Yvette Nicole Brown, Loretta Devine and Nicole Byer (from “Girl Code”) are women I’d be delighted to hang out with. I guess it’s just more in alignment with your personality. Lizzo may be a bit much for some women (me specifically) but a breath of fresh air for others.

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