This is exactly the reason why I take it so personally when dogs don’t like me. I’m at 67 dogs and 381 completed walks, and I am ecstatic to meet each dog. They’re all different personalities, and every last one of them does some weird s — t. I LOVE THEM for being such weirdos. But I definitely ran into at least three who gave me a run for my money. All were from puppy mills or some hurricane accident and just had baggage. I patiently waited on them to come around. In total, I gave up on two — one dog who was banging his head against the window and I canceled the walk, and another dog who would oddly allow me to feed him but growled and leaned down to jump anytime I got close with a leash. With the latter dog, I sat on the kitchen floor for 20 minutes just trying everything possible. Even with another puppy mill dog, it took me an hour minimum to get him to walk. He always thought someone was taking him back to the puppy mill — even after living with a family for a year.

It made me wary of breeders and puppy mills. Then again, a living dog has no control over where (s)he is born. That dog just wants a home.

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