This is dangerous grounds. The more you contact him, the more he thinks he always has you stashed in his back pocket. Been there before with a couple of guys. One did indeed get a divorce and thought it was in. I was puzzled. In my mind, we would never be more than friends, happily married or not. Once he realized that, we stopped being friends. His wife was even shocked we did not get together. In my mind, platonic friendship is a legitimate thing.

On the other side, there was a fellow I was actually interested in who would have fell under the sweep me off my feet umbrella. Problem with that is the more you are around this person,the harder they are to resist. I thought it was better for us to part ways, regardless of his mixed opinions on marriage.

This just seems like it will hurt/annoy you more because he will not leave her. And then should he do the same thing to you later in life,you cannot even fake surprise because you knew who you were dealing with. My (unasked for) suggestion, keep your distance.

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