This is a fresh post, and I thought like you too. But after walking 47 different dogs and completing 261 walks, my views on crates are a bit different. I have come into homes where the couch is shredded, primarily due to owners having to go to work. At some point, you get tired of repairing furniture.

Then there were cases in which the dog was completely weirded out by this stranger who wanted to walk him. It is not uncommon that I will see a dog use the gap underneath a bed or a crate as a “dog house.” The big difference seemed to be whether the door was left open or not. With the door opened, they pretty much treat it like a bedroom. One dog I walked recently always ate and drink in there, and he is about 55 lbs so he definitely needed room to move around. He would just hang out.

A few months ago (14-year vegetarian), I considered it “dog jail.” Nowadays I just look at it as another place to hang out--unless it is solely used to punish a dog.

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