This is a boatload of stupid. Mugging or assaulting someone lands them in prison, gets cops called and results in this person losing money. No one ever in the history of cheating did any amount of time for infidelity. Committing legal crimes is not the same as someone cheating — unless there is risk of unsafe sex, STIs and STDs. In that case, again, you sit next to your friend and make sure that person tells.

But your reach for racism, sexism, xenophobia, murder, rape and theft don’t have shit to do with a friend with a drinking/fast food problem who cheated on her fiance once before they got married. I am particularly pissed off — and for sure know you’re privileged and white for throwing racism in here — as though millions of people being discriminated against at the sight of their skin color is the same as fucking voluntarily.

You are overly dramatic, unhappy, casually racist (and dense as hell for equating these two) and are in major need of a social life — or someone cheated on you and you’re now bitter at the world. You epitomize the NextDoor account holder with too much time on your hands and the one friend no one ever invites to anything but matinee movies. I couldn’t be happier I don’t know you. But you definitely need to get familiar with a history book. Moving on!

P.S. Nina, how many accounts are you going to start? The Cool Ghost and Gamedosediting fit the same response pattern — answer a tech question and harp on snitching on your friend. Evangeline Grace If this is your “friend,” there may be another reason you’re drinking all the time: her.

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