This image makes me kinda sad. I know FOR SURE this is Chicago. I walked past this Picasso statue from the age of at least 5 or 6 up until I stopped working downtown two years ago (or didn't want to take the Metra at Van Buren Station). These are those moments where social isolation makes me sad. I have absolutely no reason to go downtown to see this statue, but if I wasn't so paranoid about taking the el (and have not done so this entire year), I would put on my shoes and head downtown. Every single time I wanted to visit my mom at work (or had a summer job downtown), I'd see this statue when I got off the Metra train.

P.S. This is the Calder's Flamingo in front of the Federal Plaza. The artist is Alexander Calder. There is a Picasso near the Daley Center though. I think this is what you meant to post:

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